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Stories Change Us

I learned a long time ago, that most truths are best shared in the form of  a story. The boy who cried Wolf, taught us about credibility through honesty, and that liars are not believed even when they speak the truth.  For hundreds of years, storytelling was a way for cultures to maintain their history.

Historically, storytelling allowed past generations to pass along the stories of their lives and those of previous generations to their children, preserving the family history.

But most importantly, storytelling promotes the use of our imaginations, without which, we cannot adequately imitate the faith of those who came before us. This; I believe, is one of the reasons why Jesus taught with parables.

A parable is a story that teaches a spiritual principle or truth, upon which we can build our lives and which will contribute to each of us learning the character of God and the principles of victorious living. If Jesus taught with parables, then, I believe i am safe in saying that we also should imitate His example. This is why I tell stories on a daily basis. The stories that touch me, may not to you.  It takes a lot of storytelling sometimes to teach us the deep truths that God wishes us to learn.

The stories here on my daily blog, are from my own life. They tell you about what I have encountered along my journey, and the lessons I have learned from those encounters. It is my hope, that you will subscribe and comment on what these stories convey, but most importantly, comment on your own experiences for the rest of us.

Lots of people wake up everyday and say, “I want to do something important for God!” The whole point of the name “Unremarkable Miracles” is to demonstrate that God works in miraculous ways…EVERYDAY, in unremarkable circumstances. If you will pay attention throughout your ordinary day, you will discover an extraordinary God doing important things in and through you during the unremarkable moments.

The Boy Who Cried Wolf – Francis Barlow/ 1687

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