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boldness opens doors…

Boldness opens doors…it always has. It can get you into trouble, and I speak from experience. But more times than not, being bold enough to speak when it would be more comfortable to be silent, or act when it would be easier to do nothing, will almost always deliver dividends. Take this morning for example…

I’m at the gym this morning doing a pre -workout warm up. Speed walking…11 laps per mile. I look ahead of me and see an older guy…white hair like me. The difference was what he had on his shirt…USMC…United States Marine Corps. I stood straighter and walked faster to catch up. Since my two sons and daughter in law are Marines, I always try to thank other Vets…especially Marines.
As I catch up, this guy is ram rod straight…eyes clear as a bell and I boldly said,” Hurrah Devil Dog!” His already straight back went up straighter…he turned to me as I reached for his hand and said, “Thank you for your service!” He introduced himself to me.”Lee Mickler-Creech USMC Colonel…Retired”. Now it was my turn to stand up straight. “It’s an honor to meet you sir!” I said.
Here he was…a Full Bird Colonel…walking the walk, staying in shape at 63. I asked him what was his MOS, he replied that he was one of the first in and one of the last out of one of our country’s hardest times in recent history. He had served all over…smiled when he said, Hawaii was one of them…”but it was no vacation!” he was quick to point out. He had battled cancer…won the fight and here he was with other vets and business leaders in his business called, “Let Us Turn It Around” A business that finds failing business and turns them around to become profitable again. A retired Colonel, still serving others…only this time in business.

As he spoke, his eyes blazoned like an Eagle…”The way we talk determines what we believe” he said. “Companies fail because they forget what it is like to treat your employees with respect…when you respect them, they respect the company…they will do anything for you…just like the men who served under our command.” I waited…he wanted to say more. He kindly allowed me to tell him my thoughts…and Creech went into recruiting mode…”Our minds don’t know the difference between right words and wrong words…” I finished his thought with, “Life and death are in the power of the tongue.” We were both speed walking at this point, an old soldier and an old missionary…side by side, talking the same talk, exchanging the same ideas but from different perspectives. Lee fought the human battles between real combatants in foreign lands. I fought the spiritual battles between real combatants OVER foreign lands. I stood in awe of this soldier…he loved people, he loved our country and as we parted, he gave me a hat from his company.

Great things happen, great meetings occur, people get healed, lives get changed when we are bold enough to speak up and declare that we are in the room. I’m changed because I met the Colonel today…and it proves one more time, that boldness makes things happen…Could it be that the sick will be healed as we move in boldness? Could it be the deaf will hear? The blind will see? Boldness is the primary characteristic of the Holy Spirit on the earth…be filled with the Spirit, and allow God to fill your mouth!

2 thoughts on “boldness opens doors…

  1. Beautiful words about a friend I knew.
    Lee past away 10/22/18.

    1. I’m so sorry to hear that. He made quite an impression on me. I’m sorry for both of our loss.

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