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Bullet Prayers…

In fact I’ll just tell ya right here, that toilet prayers and shower prayers rank high on my list of quiet times…. “

Doug Pacheco

If I had to be perfect and organized…I mean having every area of my life in the proper place, hair combed, clothes folded and toilet clean, thoughts pure, and motives holy…every time i wanted to pray, it would never happen.

Okay, first of all my toilets ARE clean… alright? BUT, the rest of that list…I fall short. Thankfully, God doesn’t require that I be perfect in order to talk to Him. I have discovered in fact; that He wants me to come and speak with Him precisely in the middle of my impure thought or bad hair day.

That’s good…cause it is precisely at those moments when I need Him the most and I need to be able to vent in what I call “bullet prayers” tiny, microscopic moments of shooting up a bullet prayer talking to God. In these miniscule moments I talk about my circumstances… I vent all of my frustration, all of my hurt or anger or whatever the daily need may be. Bullet prayers are handy in fact, if it weren’t for bullet prayers, I would barely pray at all. It’s a lot like another thing I do called “Bible Speed Reading’ but that’s another blog for another day… and you thought I was spiritual!

That isn’t a brag, it’s just a fact. I would like to be one of those guys like my friend Bob Perry whose entire ministry is prayer…he goes to Bonneroo and sets up prayer tents, prays over people in dire circumstances, people who have cancer, drug problems, family issues financial crisis….hangnails….he prays over everything…and I’m envious. But I also realize that people with this level of commitment also have a specific calling to pray and I am grateful for them…and I can try to be more committed to pray in a focused way every day and believe me I’m getting better…but I know with the personality of an Irish setter, I will always become distracted, always chasing the next butterfly or squirrel right when I want to focus on praying. That was a long sentence.

My point here is that I believe like anything else, we will find that spiritual growth, including talking to God generally happens during the course of our day. YES, we should take time for specifically praying for issues, and YES fasting for extended periods is extremely important…not diminishing these. I’m just saying, you don’t have to swing for the fence every time you get up to bat in prayer. In fact I’ll just tell ya right here, that toilet prayers and shower prayers rank high on my list of quiet times….and of course prayers in the cockpit of my car are one of Jesus and My favorite places to have coffee and talk. If you don’t take these moments, you will discover that you will never pray…you will almost always find yourself complaining and you will be angry most of the time.

God tells us to in Lamentations 2:19 “Arise, cry out in the night, as the watches of the night begin; pour out your heart like water in the presence of the Lord. .” There are times when it is appropriate to rise at night, (especially when you are worried about something or fearful or concerned about our Country, your job or loved one…or, like me when you’re hungry) and get up and cry out to God. But it isn’t every night and you don’t have to meet God every day under those stringent circumstances. He has made it easy…bullet prayers. In the car, in the grocery store, getting your nails done, at the gym on the cross trainer. God isn’t standing with a pen and scorecard…he is anxiously waiting to listen and talk back. He LOVES bullet prayers and He can answer with Bullet answers…but you have to listen. He is the God Who Is There…listening, loving, hearing and answering..bullet prayers..

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