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Character is what God looks for…

” It is silent when made sport of…made to stand naked, It is the handsome figure lusted after by its detractors…then spat upon by the same. “

Doug Pacheco

Suffering hardship has less to do with getting bamboo shoots shoved under your fingernails, and more about enduring angry people, tedious circumstances and stupifyingly boring times in life with joy. That’s right…these; methinks, are the real hardships. And while I am sure that hardships of the bamboo variety would be terribly painful and I want no part of that, having to show character during the times you would rather kick someone, is tough baby…tough I say.

Character can’t be faked…you can’t stay up all night partying and then cram for two hours before the big test. That is not how character works. Anyone can fake a good character for a few hours, a few days or even…(rare) a few weeks…until the real test comes along and unmasks them. It is inevitable. Character has to be planted, and watered by difficulties…the harder the difficulty, the better the character.

It has to endure scorching criticism, hotter than the sun in Death Valley, it has to withstand the winds of popular change…the politic du jour….the indifferent humanism that makes a good sounding show of what is called “compassion” but in reality is veiled hatred in masquerade. It is sown in the spring of life, watered in the summer of youth, gathered in the fall of middle age and shared with others in old age. It is the pearl of great price, the coin that was lost, the lamb gone astray, for which we leave the ninety and nine to go in search of.

Character is mocked…literally and figuratively. It is labeled as being out of touch with current cultural values…values that have only human self love as their basis and which excludes God as an ancient relic of ignorant generations past.

Character stands for something…it stands proud and upright, and will not back down, even in the face of death. It declares that there is eternal value in an unseen principle…it says “there is a line I will not cross”. Character is made in the furnace, not in the lounge chair. It defies compromise.

It is silent when made sport of…made to stand naked, It is the handsome figure lusted after by its detractors…then spat upon by the same. Character threatens the status quo…it challenges without words any that would declare they are strong. It brings to shame the loud and the braggart…and makes Kings to tremble in the earth. It rules as a rod of iron and needs no words. It is both wonderful and terrible…and it commands respect. It picks up it’s cross daily and follows.

And those with Godly character wear a crown… unseen by the swells of the earth yet, recognized and honored by the God Who Is There.

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