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Open Your Mouth…

” I felt an inner “prompting”. That means, In my heart, I felt I needed to say something to these people. “

Doug Pacheco

I have never been accused of being a wall flower. Shy?…no I am not! But for years, I kept my mouth shut even when I saw something worthy of encouraging or giving praise to. Why? Because of the very thing I have recently decided to spiritually “flip off” and draw the line … FEAR.

For so long, my reputation and self worth were so tied up in how I portrayed myself because I had so much fear of what others thought of me. When an ENFP like me, (if you don’t know what an ENFP is you should look it up online) stays quiet in a crowd, you should rush them to the hospital…because something is seriously wrong.

I bring this up, because yesterday; had I kept my mouth shut, I would have missed a God moment. Folks, “God Moments” happen all the time when you are bold. Step out on a limb and God is there…I promise…it’s a faith step and God honors faith. Anyway, as usual, I digress.

Yesterday, Matt and I were finishing up on this house we have been working on. The owners were there, and we were talking to them about a change they wanted to make. I felt an inner “prompting”. That means, In my heart, I felt I needed to say something to these people. I am an encourager by gifting anyway, so it isn’t like I had to muster up a whole bunch of courage.

I looked at them and I basically, prophesied to them.

“God is going to use this house as a place of healing…it will be a refuge, a safe place where people can come and be healed, and made whole. He is going to fill this house with people who need wisdom, and you are going to give it to them…you will open your mouths and God will fill it. Your home will be a spiritual hospital…and God will use your words like a scalpel to cut out fear and wrong thinking, and bring about wholeness and healing in peoples lives.”

At first, blank looks, and then…a flood of tears. The wife said, “It is so much what I want to do with this home…you should have seen it before Matt arrived…it was dark and so closed in.” she smiled and the tears kept coming…(the husband just stood there..kind of blinking…men do that when they don’t know what to do…they blink).

I had climbed up on the new island to wire a circuit and the wife went up to Matt and gave him a big hug…she was hugging the completer of her dream, her ministry. My pal Matt with his gifting of hammer and saw, had brought about a miracle for this couple…and they were grateful. (Yeah, me? No hug…just wire the circuit dummy!) but before they left, the husband asked me “How did you know? How did you know that our home would be used that way?”

I smiled and said, “Homes are God’s workshop…they are his operating room.” I continued, “you have written so many scriptures on the walls of this house that there will be literally healing in every room.” “Regardless if they are covered up with paint, those scriptures will become the foundation of spiritual power in this home…God loves your faithfulness.” Misty eyes and handshakes…backslapping and laughing, he walked away without further comment.

Friend… IF YOU OPEN YOUR MOUTH, GOD WILL SHOW UP! Anyone that knows me, knows that I am probably the least powerful Christian on this planet…I am not a Prophet, I am no Apostle…I am a former wine maker turned tile salesman, turned home improvement “Tool Time” Doug. But I know I serve a very MIGHTY God who is wanting to do the miraculous on the earth. The only way He can do that is if you and I move…speak…and act with authority based on His Word. Put aside fear…put aside reputation and trust that God will use lowly you to speak powerful words to change peoples lives today.

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