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The Men of America Stand with Women.

I was a hellion before I came to Jesus. I liked women and took advantage of women every opportunity I got. I was dirty minded, lewd, lascivious and a liar. I was NOT a good man, even though I had grown up Catholic. I cheated, sometimes stole and again I lied my backside off whenever it was to my advantage to do so. So why do I start out this blog in such a way?

The stark difference between my previous life and now is like the light and the dark side of the moon. Before Jesus showed up on a movie screen in 1974 at a movie by Billy Graham called “Time To Run”, I had been “The Abuser in Chief” where women were concerned. In all honesty, I had a conscience…but it had been lulled to sleep by my love for sin. I LOVED to sin. I loved using and abusing. I really felt bad when I did something wrong…for a brief period of time, but afterward, I went back to swimming in the deep end of stupidity pretty much full time.

I was dishonest. Wouldn’t give you a straight answer if you asked me a straightforward question. I broke rules, snuck out of my parents house at night, swiped beer and other things from my neighbors homes. I am not proud of my dark and shameful past, but I use it as an opportunity for God’s glory today.

It was guys like me all over this country that were responsible for girls in their teens and early twenties wanting abortions. Due to our lack of personal responsibility and the promiscuous atmosphere in the United States at the time, there were scores of children being slaughtered across this country. Roe vs Wade had become the law of the land in 1973, making abortions legal…but far from safe for women and NEVER safe for the child! Only a few short years after the landmark ruling, women were showing up with emotional and mental scars from the free and easy abortion message.

Now 46 years and millions of abortions later, we have become a country without a conscience. New York and Virginia are now espousing infanticide…allowing a child to be born and then deciding whether to kill it or not. Sin progresses from seemingly innocent to outwardly murderous…all sin does this. What begins as a benign transforms into insidious within a short time.
When I turned my life around, I did something unthinkable. I sought out every woman I had defrauded, (that means had sex with) and not only asked their forgiveness, (many laughed at me and called me a Jesus freak), and I also asked them if they’d had an abortion. To my relief, none of them said yes. I then apologized and walked away.

It is my contention that abortion is not only a woman’s issue; It is a man’s issue as well. Men taking their rightful place to have character, conviction and honor. The ability to say no to fleshly desire is a direct gift from God called Grace.
“For the grace of God (His unmerited favor and blessing) has come forward (appeared) for the deliverance from sin and the eternal salvation for all mankind.

It has trained us to reject and renounce all ungodliness (irreligion) and worldly (passionate) desires, to live discreet (temperate, self-controlled), upright, devout (spiritually whole) lives in this present world” Titus 2:11-12 Amplified Bible

Why say this today? I’ll tell you why. Because when men stand up, a nation returns to greatness. It is men who: laying down their lives for their women and families, form a solid foundation for God to move in a powerful way on behalf of women and our nation. Jesus is coming back for his bride…His Church. He laid down his life for her…died for her. He is the example for all men. To become a servant to their wives and the women of our society.

I say this with all candor…it is our duty as men, to hold up, serve and sacrifice for our women. I told a friend the other day, that women are the most civilized of our species. Women are, (were) the apex of beauty and poise. The reason men stand for a woman when she enters a room is because she is WORTHY of our respect and devotion. True men defer to a woman’s desires in society. This is because within every warriors heart, we know the woman will grace the society we defend with beauty and purpose. Men will sacrifice for true woman of excellence. They will swim across a shark infested ocean to bring her a glass of water.

Women have had to protect themselves because men have stopped being men. Don’t allow yourselves to be defined by society gentlemen. The fools who stand around acting like assclowns have NO idea what real manhood looks like. When a warrior stands on the wall, children cheer and women swoon. When a true man stands up in society, the forces of darkness cower in the shadows. It is when a man takes his place at the gates, that warfare is engaged in, and battles are enjoined. Blood is shed, and enemies are defeated.

Betty Friedan and Gloria Steinem did a HUGE disservice to women across this nation by introducing them to a stiff necked rebellion toward God and men. The same injustice is still happening with Linda Sarsour and other radical, God hating women who are trying to model for women a rebellion so steeped in satanic ritual, that it rivals Molech and Chemosh of the Moabites and Ammonites.

If this get’s the hairs up on the backs of your necks as a woman, just realize this. It was Jesus, who truly freed women. It was Jesus who gave women equal footing with men at the foot of the Cross. It was Jesus who gave every woman the opportunity to be the powerful voice of reason within the earth…not feminism. I don’t care one bit about your outrage because it has been resolved over 2000 years ago. Jesus gave you back your dignity. It will take humility to take hold of it, but when you do, you will have more power in your little finger than the ignorant and foolish faux feminists of this generation.

To women across this nation, we, the men of America, repent for our inaction, our lack of courage to stand in power and holiness. We repent for being led astray by our fallen natures. We say, “We come along side of you…we serve you, we love you, and we will be your partners in wiping out the scourge of abuse and abortion from our land.”