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…on Purpose and Intentionality.

Purpose has its own agenda… it will not share its focus with another. Purpose will starve all other interests of oxygen because purpose is the enemy of casual pursuits.

Purpose does not regard the weather, the political climate, the economy or the opinions of others.

Purpose will expose the secret lovers of your heart, the hidden agendas of others seeking to sidetrack you. It will connect you with those striving toward the same goal and will separate you from the ones who are heading in a different direction.

Purpose resists the lure of superficial glitter of weak things and prefers the quiet progress away from the crowd. It does not allow the base things to dominate the noble ones.
Purpose disregards discomfort, loneliness and the scorn of those who do not understand.

Purpose does not concern itself with what “everyone else” is doing. It will not spare the time of day for flimsy excuses or subtle detours.

Purpose is a freight train which cannot be derailed, running down anything that interferes with its holy purpose.

The uninspired hear no call to the mountain top, they see no greater goal than themselves. They are involved with the common, base and popular issues of life. The ordinary dominates their lives.

Purpose gets you out of bed in the morning and the lack of it allows you to sleep through life..

Purpose changes your course, resets your clock and changes your mind. It is the light at the end of the tunnel, the call of the Lord in the middle of the night and the beat of the different drummer.

Purpose is misunderstood by those who have none. It is the quest of every generation and the elusive goal of each man, woman and child.

Purpose costs you everything, your time, your blood, sweat and tears. It is your only lover, your only dream, it is your water in the desert. Without it, you will perish along with the millions who have lived for nothing greater than themselves.

Purpose says “NO” to convenience, comfort and commonality. It seeks the eternal…not the temporal.

Purpose will drive you to higher heights and will diminish your circle of friends.

It will make you soar with eagles where the air is rarified.. do not expect large numbers of companions to accompany you.

Purpose makes your character like steel, your vision like an eagle and your heart like a lion.

Purpose says “Deny yourself…live for the greater goal.”

If it is worthy, If it is noble, if it is honorable… pursue the longing within your heart. It is found by seeking the Author of your life. He holds it in His hands, He awaits your request to release it into your life.

Go boldly before the Throne of Grace and retrieve your purpose from God’s hand.”

from: “Whatever It Takes” ® ©2017 Unto Full Stature Publications: Doug Pacheco