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The Tools of God…

“They will be called oaks of righteousness, a planting of the Lord for the display of His splendor” Isaiah 61:3c

As trees that grow, I did not start
As strong and solid as now I stand.
But I fell as an acorn on the ground
And covered up by silt and sand,
was pushed by foot beneath the soil,
and left alone, below the land.

When days and nights turned into weeks
I pushed myself above the dirt;
And felt the warmth upon my face.
And with a will to now exert, myself,
a purpose birthed within my soul.
“To grow, and to bless all the earth!”

So daily, in that forest thick,
I sought for my place in the sun.
And as the canopy would seek,
to steal my share, I had begun
to push up higher and master them,
for my purpose would not be outdone.

Then fell the rain, and then my roots,
went deeper still within the ground.
And wider, taller did I stand;
as less substantial plants would drown.
And surveying from my new-found height,
As “King of Trees” I would be crowned.

Then, years rolled by and I saw wars,
And men would camp beneath my boughs,
then, children played and climbed my trunk
And lovers in my shade made vows.
And lending strength to weaker things
remained the purpose I espoused.

Then came the day when men with saws
Cut down the forest to build a town.
And to my left and to my right,
Great trees were being all brought down.
and only I left standing still,
saw house and buildings all around.

In the center of their city park,
I stood alone; tall, old and grey.
And centuries like water poured,
And little by little I would decay.
And acorns that I’d drop below,
Would grow as I, in an earlier day.

And finally, when they came for me
With celebration loud and proud.
They said that I would be removed,
But oh, what “booing” from the crowd!
And back and forth they went for weeks
And then announced their plans aloud.

“This tree has seen 4 hundred years,
And knowing that it must be felled,
We cannot simply cut it down,
For from its strength our town has swelled.
Beneath its branches were treaties signed
And in its shade, our laws upheld.”

“So let us use its wood with honor,
And with it, church and courthouse build,
So men and women can worship still
and the purpose of its life fulfilled.”
And so they brought me down in honor
By the hands of workers wise and skilled.

You did not start life by yourself…
although well hidden, in the ground.
The God of Nations placed you there,
And the purpose for your life was found.
Your growth was never in your hands,
Within HIS hands, twas safe and sound.

And growing tall as the tallest trees
He graces you with Word and Prayer
To rule with him upon the earth,
Destroying evil everywhere and
Sowing acorns as you go, and
Growing them with love and care.

Such are the purposes of God,
Lending strength to others weak,
And becoming pillars in our towns;
So men will believe the words we speak.
The rain, the sun, the soil, and time,
The tools of God to make Great the meek.

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