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Why God uses less than perfect people…

When it comes right down to it, every morning when I pray and ask the Lord to use me throughout my day, I have to remind myself exactly what I’m asking.

If I look at world history and even more interesting, Bible history…I see the people that God used were the hidden, the unknown, the cowardly and the loud mouths.

God used doubters, shepherds and unlikely rich men…like Joseph of Arimathea. If he hadn’t given away his tomb, we would never have heard of him! Who would have chosen Harry Truman to be President? No one these days…that’s for sure. David was hidden in a stinking herd of sheep and was so unimportant that his father didn’t even consider him when Samuel came a knockin, looking for a king.

So, when I pray in the morning for God to use me, I am asking him to select me from the billions of nobodies in the world who are perhaps the least qualified people. God found Gideon hiding in a wine press, shaking in his boots threshing wheat. Who threshes wheat in a wine press…I’ll tell you who, chicken livers.. that’s who.

God found Jonah, a guy who basically flipped off God and ran the other way! Finally God found a fish with an obedient heart to swallow him and swim him back in the right direction. What kind of God picks such rank losers to use.

Jehovah God… that’s who. The God who sees what you CAN be and not what you are. The God who wants all the glory…not because He’s egotistical, but because He’s the only one worthy of it and can handle it!

Go ahead and judge your uselessness, judge the President, judge the pastor…but know, that God raises up the lowly and makes them great. he picks the unlikely, the one picked last at basketball, The dying thieves, the soldier with a sick servant, proud fishermen. He plucks us from obscurity and gives us His name…and together, we turn the world upside down…

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