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If People Call You Crazy…

What is it about the movie “Field of Dreams” that is so enduring? It remains one of my favorite movies in the entire world and I’ll bet I watch it at least four times a year.

You think I’m nuts. Maybe. But something calls to me…and probably even to you when you watch this 1989 movie that still has the movie line crossing the lips of every person who ever had a dream…”If you build it, they will come.”

I think I know what it is that moves me. A guy who is living a life that he has settled into hears a voice in his cornfield. He is considered crazy because only HE has heard the voice.His neighbors call him a fool. His relatives try talking “sense” into him, but because his dream is ever before him he follows it passionately.

In the last few scenes of the movie, when all seems lost, a series of events take place that opens the eyes of those who couldn’t see and he is both vindicated and redeemed. One of the last interactions in the movie is when the main character asks, “Is there a heaven?” and the other responds, “Oh yeah…it’s the place where dreams come true.”

For any of you romantics out there who have ever dreamed a dream, you know that there are times when other people cannot understand why you have sold everything you have ever owned in order to; like Moonlight Graham in the movie said, “Have just one shot at-bat…just one time to be able to look the pitcher in the eye and wink, to make him think you know something he didn’t.”

This is the stuff of visionaries. People who saw and heard things in their hearts that they could not explain to people but, knew what they had seen or heard it. They are sometimes the few whose time of destiny met them at the crossroads of the right area. Steve Jobs, John Rockefeller, Louis Pasteur, Madame Curie..all examples of those who could see what others could not and were ostracized for it until; like the movie, their eyes were opened.

If what I am going to say flies in the face of conventional wisdom then, so be it. But I speak from experience. What I am going to say today is this…You MUST go for it! You MUST go and build your baseball field!

I opened a winery. I have started two. Neither is around anymore but we did it. You may ask, “Doesn’t that prove you weren’t supposed to do that?” Others may say, “See what it cost you?” “What have you to show for following a dream?”

What they don’t see are the 10 couples who were engaged at the winery. The half dozen baby celebrations of families who came to toast the newest addition to the family. They don’t know the joy of singing and toasting people on their birthdays. Complete strangers who drove up to my “field” and handed over the money to remember something significant.

It was for these the voice spoke to us, “If you build it, they will come.”I own these things. Mary Ann, my wife owns them. And, it WAS worth it. To own the memory of something you “went the distance” for is more precious than gold in the bank. It will never die in our hearts. It lives on…and on.

There is something that many of you wish you could pull the trigger on in your lives. A dream you wish you could fulfill. When you talk about it, others laugh or say that you are crazy, but they can’t see the vivid vision in your heart. We dismiss their skepticism because our vision isn’t theirs. Sometimes, the naysayers are too numerous to bear. Bear with them anyway.

I once saw a poster in an airport of Tiger Woods making a golf shot. .Dirt and grass were flying in the air all caught in one brief millisecond. Under the photo were the words, “There comes a time when theory must give way to execution.” I have never forgotten it. If you allow yourself to be talked out of your hope and your dreams, you will forever carry in your heart the dull ache that never ends.

One of my favorite poems is by Mary Brent Whiteside. It is called, “Who Has Known Heights”.

“Who has known heights and depths shall not again Know peace –not as the calm heart knows Low, ivied walls; a garden close. And though he tread the humble ways of men He shall not speak the common tongue again.

Who has known heights shall bear forevermore An incommunicable thing, that hurts his heart, as if a wing beat at the portal, challenging. And yet – lured by the gleam his vision wore –Who once has trodden stars seeks peace no more” Mary Brent Whiteside

Abandon commonality. Abandon your “low ivied walls” where peace resides in your little garden. God has placed adventure in your heart. It is the place where dreams come true.

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