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Your Gift Makes Room For You…

I went shopping for an updated sound system for my truck. Since I have owned my 2010 Ford F-150 Super Crew XLT I have done quite a bit of work on it, including recently installing a brand new 5.4 Liter long block 8 cylinder engine. It was actually cheaper than buying a newer truck since used trucks are selling for a premium these days.

With new tires, a rebuilt transmission and some other improvements, an updated radio was just an added improvement that I thought would help.I ran into a well-known electronics retailer trying my best to dodge the raindrops pouring down in sheets in Brentwood Tennessee. Upon entering, I found my way back to the car stereo area and began browsing.

Employee help, of course, being a rare commodity these days, I began looking for someone to answer some questions. One of the receiving crew paged someone, but it was taking a long time. I thought about coming back on another day; when, around the corner came a young man named Matt. Matt, wearing a mask, still smiled so widely that his mask practically slid off his face. Matt shook my hand, placed his left hand on my back and said, “How can I help you bud?”

Now, nothing about this was out of the ordinary, except one thing…Matt, besides being extremely outgoing also had Down Syndrome. I told him I was looking for a touch screen replacement for my F-150. His eyes stared at the ceiling for a moment while I was explaining what I needed and then, he asked, “What year is the vehicle?” I answered and he immediately asked me, “Two or Four-wheel drive? XL or XLT, or is it a Lariat or King Ranch?” Now I grinned from ear to ear and said, “XLT Two-wheel drive!”

Faster than I could walk, he hurried over to the computer and asked, “Does your radio look like this?” He pointed to the exact radio in my 11-year-old truck. Now I just giggled out loud. “Yup…that’s it Matt!” At that moment another employee came up to us and said, rather abruptly, “I’ll take it from here Matt!” I didn’t like his tone. Matt coward back and I saw all of the confidence drain from his face.

You’ll forgive me if I got a completely P.O. ed at the guy and I said, “Matt is helping me just fine!” with my best “You’re a jerk!” look on my face. The recent arrival said, “Well, I’m a salesman and he is still in training, and besides, he can’t answer any of your questions!”I asked Matt to stand aside for a moment while I talked to this “expert”. I said, “I have an XLT 2010 F-150…Super Crew…what radio do you recommend?” “He looked at me and knew I was not happy and said, “Well, if you will just hold your horses I will go and look!”

I took a chance…a REAL GAMBLE because Matt had been so quick to ask all the right questions i figured he would know the answer to my question and I said, “Hey Mr. Salesman…before you leave…I just want to ask Matt the same question…”Matt, What radio do I need?” I mean without even blinking…Matt said “I recommend the Sony XAV-AX 5600…it is a Double DIN In-Dash MP3/USB (GPS Navigation) Car Stereo Receiver with a 6.95” Capacitive Touchscreen Display,55W x 4 Channel MAX with 3 Sets of 5V Preamp Outputs and is Compatible with Apple CarPlay & Android Auto!”Mr. Salesman’s mouth dropped open…literally. I smiled, and said, “Matt will take it from here!

Matt’s countenance beamed and I said, “Okay Matt, let’s go see this thing!” He showed it to me and he said, “And…it’s on sale for 50% off!” Just then, as God would have it, the Big Manager came around the corner to make sure someone had taken care of me. I said, “Matt is so good!” “He took care of everything, found me exactly the right stereo, and I couldn’t be in better hands!” The manager smiled from ear to ear and said, “Matt has a special gift…he has a memory that is almost photographic!”

Mr. Salesman tried to butt in…”I was just going to write it up for this gentleman!” I couldn’t help myself. I said to the Big Manager, “Listen if you don’t mind, I’d like Matt to finish helping me!” I’m sure there is some kind of commission on sales and the manager simply said, “Sure…Matt, take care of this gentleman and if you need any help on the computer, just page one of us!”

Matt then showed me all of the connections, the new radio facing I would need for the truck. He began reciting OUT OF HIS MEMORY the part numbers of all the parts! I heard Mr. Salesman complaining as the manager whisked him away and was “giving him a talking to.”

We finished and Matt looked at me. I could tell He wanted to thank me, and I wouldn’t let him. Instead I told Matt, “I have been in some type of sales for over 40 years Matt and I have NEVER had anyone be this exact, confident and professional! Don’t ever let anyone try to step in front of you when you are with a customer! Matt smiled…shook my hand and said, “Thank you!” And then as if he wanted to move on said, “…Your installation is included!”

He gave me a date for installation which is over a month away, but I would have waited a year for that installation. The gifts and calling of God are irrevocable. Before I left, there were two men looking around in the same department for a car stereo. I asked them, “What kind of car and year of vehicle do you have? They answered me, and Matt piped up, “That will be a Pioneer AVH-120BT Multimedia DVD Receiver with 6.2 Inch WVGA Touchscreen Display and Built-in Bluetooth© for Hands-free Calling & Audio Playback | Double Din!””If you will step over here I will take care of you and show you all of the features.”

I began laughing to myself and Matt caught a glimpse of me smiling. He looked at me…and merely said, “People judge books by their covers all the time…why should it be any different with judging people?”He continued, “I started here stocking the shelves, but the manager thought helping customers was a better use of my time!”

“For promotion does not come from the East or the West or from the desert. but, promotion comes from the Lord…he lifts one up and abases the other.” Psalm 75 6-7

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  1. What an amazing story! Matt is truly a blessing to all who encounter him, except of course for the pushy salesman!

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