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30,952 Days…

I added together the five ages of my parents and grandparents, (five because I do not know at what age my paternal grandfather passed away) and divided it by five to arrive at 84.8 years.

I was curious about the length of my life. I could think of no other way to accurately judge how long I might live, so I did an average and if it holds true I would have lived 30,952 days in my lifetime. Of course, the length of our lives is subject to many things…the type of work we do…our diet, our activity level, and where we live. Many more factors enter into it, but assuming I maximize all of the above in a satisfactory way…my life span could arrive at that particular number.Jesus’ life spanned 12,227.5 days or 33.5 years.

This means that; should I live to 84.8 years, I will have outlived Jesus’ earthly life by 51.3 years or 18,724.5 days. I have always thought, “I must spend my days with urgent purpose and activity in order to be obedient!’ It is important work to be sure…but; at least in my life, I simply do not see rushing around in urgent activity with a nervous twitch to speak with more and more and more people.

Faith is not activity…

Instead of spending his limited time on earth, going to the Kings of the earth and displaying signs and wonders, to convince them to bow their knees to Him, Jesus spent His days walking the countryside, healing nobodies, the non-important people who had no power or authority on the earth. He only chose 12 men but invited at least 120 to follow along.

He chose to pour his days into a few people. The results have changed the world.In reading about Him walking the countryside camping out, preaching from a boat, a mountain, a house where the roof was cut open and in open fields, it almost appears that he had no plan, no plan at all! He simply went willy-nilly across the countryside.

Where was his social secretary and administrator? He didn’t even carry a Franklin Planner…or a palm pilot, or a smartphone to schedule his appointments…in terms of efficiency, his exploits took him across one side of Galilee to regions beyond in Judea. How impractical! He only had 12,227.5 days…the clock was ticking…why didn’t he move more quickly?!

They should have used mules or donkeys or something to travel faster, reach more, have a greater impact. I would have! They had the money…well, Judas had the money…but it is obvious they weren’t desperate for cash. The only reasonable explanation that I can come up with, besides the mystical “it was the power of God that made it happen” is simply this… the power of the message of freedom and the love that brought about healing and wholeness, was a seed that had so much life within it, that only a few seeds were necessary to sow.

He used those 12,227.5 days to sow his gospel of repentance and love before his main mission, which; was to die. And, if you think about it, the people he came to preach to, rejected the message! Not a very good track record for the Savior of the world…right?

You and I don’t have a mission to die for the sins of the world…only to ourselves. We also don’t have a quota of people we have to reach with the message of repentance and love…but we are simply told to go into all the world and preach the gospel teaching them to observe all the HE taught. He didn’t guarantee all would listen or that all would be healed or delivered…all He promised was that He would be with us…with the believers in Africa, Asia, the Americas, Europe…yes, even Russia and the Ukraine.

He is there, and here, with us in whatever number of days we have left…and he will remain until the end of the age…the age of grace and mercy, before He comes to judge the nations as the Lion of Judah.

Whatever days I have left, I have dedicated to telling his story, encouraging, exhorting and praying. I will not worry myself about how many places I have to go or schedule a world evangelistic television special, because the seed of the message has so much power in it…that it will soon take over the world.

Influence comes one person at a time.

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