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Crappy Pants Moments…

God meant for life to be hard! Yes, it’s true. It is supposed to be stressful. Babies are supposed to poop their pants while sitting in your lap while flying at 30,000 feet as my baby son did back in 1982. I could have prayed and prayed that God would prepare me for the explosion that was about to take place in that kid’s pants, but He chose not to.

That was what we would call a true bummer.

Trying to get that baby cleaned up in the tiny bathroom in a plane. The people who went into that bathroom after we came out are still cussing us! Life is going to present us with non-favorable things all of our lives. There is nothing you can do about it either. You’re welcome!

The reason I bring this up today is that if you have ever read the book of Ecclesiastes, it does not paint a pretty picture of life. It tells you that almost everything is futile in this world, including fame and wealth and great sex and…yes, even Amway and Plexus…everything is futility! It tells us to enjoy it while we have it cause it’s coming to an abrupt end.

Ecclesiastes is like a cattle corral, that herds us into this reality that the purpose of life is to reveal our need for God…because we are not all that and a bag of chips.Life is meant to be a place where we come to the conclusion that our real purpose is to discover our need for Him, and enter into a relationship while we can… because death is coming for everyone.

It comes for Presidents, and it comes for chicken farmers. Life also shows us that it is better to be above the ground than below it. Because, while we are sucking in air, He can reveal to us the Way to Him…which is Jesus.”For whoever is joined with all the living there is hope! Surely a live dog is better than a dead lion.” Ecclesiastes 9:4

It doesn’t matter if you are the fastest or the strongest. It doesn’t matter if you are the wisest person on the planet or the wealthiest. These things are simply a matter of time and chance. ( Ecclesiastes 9:11) There are many people who would argue with me about that one. My point is this. Life is supposed to be a steam roller. It doesn’t mean God isn’t paying attention …in a fallen world …crap happens.

It’s going to roll over you, your spouse, your kids, and your grand kids. It’s just another little gift left for us by Adam and Eve.You and I are going to a grave sometime in the future and guess what? We don’t know when that is going to happen! SURPRISE!

So, using deductive reasoning, it is our hearts that God is watching. He is not more impressed if you discover a new cure for toe fungus or design the world’s longest bridge. It isn’t what you DO that matters. It is ALWAYS your heart because a right heart relates to God and others in the right way.God watches the heart, and like it says in Jeremiah it is impossible to know our own heart motives.

The heart is evil and wickedly deceptive. “The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked: who can know it? I the LORD search the heart, I try the reins, even to give every man according to his ways, and according to the fruit of his doings.” Jeremiah 17:9-10

That is why we have the BIBLE. we must read it and allow IT to read US. It cuts deep into our pride, our selfishness, and our greed. It destroys the false images we have of ourselves. It is a mirror that shows us just how bad of a hair day we are going to have unless we change a few things. What a gift!

It is not for sissies…and if you think it is, I dare you to pick it up.Scripture shows a good man what a dog he is and shows a broken and humble man, how much he needs to reach up for His hand. But is also shows us Who Jesus really is…and what He really did and how He wants you to admit your fallenness, and accept His help.

The Bible cleans out our minds, refocuses us on real priorities, and makes us bow our proud and self-sufficient knees and cry “UNCLE” when life is a bully. The Bible is like a whetstone…sharpening our minds, our discernment, and slicing through our self-pity. It tells us to buck up… that there is another world awaiting us where no children poop on our laps.

It urges us to deal with our motives for serving people, for continuing to put up with our spouses, and our children…and ourselves!

The power of the Bible is that it can turn a complete fool into a wise and discerning person, and change his heart.If today, you are going about life and wondering why you have not won the lottery or thinking, “I thought becoming a Christian would make life easier and I would be the most blessed person in the crowd.” then somebody has given you the wrong information.

Life is filled with crappy pants moments! Christianity is not a button you push in order to get to Easy street…it is a cross you pick up and drag along with you. When we pick it up…we learn that even though we live in a harsh child pooping environment, the burden of it is much lighter than we ever expected, and; for our efforts, Jesus shows us how He overcame the world and how WE can too.

Jesus didn’t come because you and I are priceless, precious, and valuable…He came because we are bankrupt, broken, and in desperate need of rescue…and He and His Word is our lifeboat!

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