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The Quiet Storm is Coming.

The Kings of Canaan, rested peacefully in the knowledge that they were the most powerful tribe in the wilderness. No one could come against their city. They were the best equipped, most advanced civilization outside of Egypt. Trained warriors, battle tested with bronze tipped spears.

Their position in the desert was almost impenetrable. In terms of strategic military might, the Canaanites were the top of the food chain and everyone knew it…even Moses.

For years, Moses had traveled in that wilderness. He had been trained both in Egypt and at the base of Mt. Sinai. His military training came from Egypt…a former prince and military general of Pharoah. His battle tactics, which are rarely spoken of, were the experience he had gained from his military background, but his strategy came directly from YHWH. And this, the Canannites had no understanding of.

In war, tactics must follow strategy…not the other way around.

The Canaanites had faith that their numbers, weapons, geographic position and tactics made them secure. They knew they would rule forever!

Moses looked upon the Canaanites city from afar… it was larger than 20 football fields with 8,000 warriors.

Joshua, his main general, stood behind him, observing along with Moses. They were silent. Turning to his general, Moses had made the decision and announced that they would return to the Hebrews encampment and wait…and wait they did…for Two generations!

for 40 years, they trained, battling smaller armies, learning strategy and tactics. Moses knew a blunder in battle could dishearten his rag tag group of soldiers; most of who were merely family men who had dedicated themselves to fight. For forty years, the time of testing for any man or people of God, they grew their numbers, learned to become battle hardened, and developed into a mighty fighting force.

The Hebrews over two generations in the wilderness had become a quiet storm…like the storms that blew in from the Negev.

Now armed with the purpose of God, to take the land and to destroy it’s inhabitants, the strategy was given, the army was ready and the one city that sat in the place that God had given to the children of Israel, was conquered. It is still contested today.

Today, in modern new millennium America, there exists a silent storm that is brewing.

Most Christians have bought the rhetoric that the United States and the West are post-Christian. They feel they are weak in number…that only a small group of rag tag fighters still remain. They look upon the Canaanites of our century and believe they are impenetrable…the secular spirit is “just too strong” for what they have been taught is a weak and docile church. “We look like grasshoppers in their eyes!” they say to themselves. Indeed, they believe they are grasshoppers.

I have NO IDEA who God’s general is in this church age. I’m not sure He has one…He may have just decided to do it Himself due to the divisions and posturing in His church.

But I think not. God always uses someone placed in obscurity so that his rise will be undetected. Maybe a group of people…I don’t know.

But this I do know. There is a quiet storm brewing…and the leaders on the earth know it. They fear it. They do not want to give up power and so, they fight, they deceive, they talk empty words and posture with modern swords of steel and spears of bronze.

I want you to recall these names…

Balak, Haman, Jezebel, Pharoah, Hitler, Stalin, Marx…

They all at one point sought to destroy God’s people. Balak tried to buy off Balaam, who was the son of a powerful Jewish sorcerer and prophet, (how those two went together, I cannot tell you!). But, try as he might, Balaam was first broken, and then ordered to bless. A quiet storm that Balak did not see coming ended his wish to curse God’s people.

Haman, sought to destroy the Jews. He built a gallows where he was going to hang a Jew named Mordecai. Unbeknownst to Haman, a Jewish girl named Hadassah (you know her as Esther),had been placed in a harem she never wanted to be in, in the palace of a King she did not love, and was made the Queen. She was a quiet storm, placed in the highest position next to the King. At her request, risking her own life, she purchased the deliverance of the Jews. Haman was hanged on his own gallows.

Jezabel, lovely in face and form, but a murderess in nature, sought to destroy both the priests of God until Elijah, a quiet storm in his own right, stood before the military might and spiritual underlords, who were the prophets of Baal, and publicly dismantled their power base, by showing Who the real God was. Jezebel chased Elijah , to kill him, and he, like Moses, ran into to the wilderness and then, came back in power. Eventually, Jezebel’s own guards turned against her and she was thrown from a tower and the dogs ate her.

Pharoah…what can I say? He didn’t look like Yul Brenner I don’t think, but he had a butt kickin army!

Chasing the quiet storm named Moses into the desert, Moses lead them into the territory he had spent 40 years in… (which was the strategy)…and along with the economic engine of Egypt, ( which was the Hebrew slaves) he walked them across the dry bed of the Red Sea, after God parted the waters…( which was the battle tactic) and drown the most powerful army on earth! I won’t even go into Hitler, Stalin and Marx, except to say, they ran into their own quiet, unexpected storms. Time is always on GOD’S side! They are no more.

There is no wisdom, no understanding, no counsel that can prevail against the LORD. A horse is prepared for the day of battle, but victory is of the LORD.… Proverbs 21:30-31

A lot of us think these are just cute Bible stories. But they are actually war and strategic history books, giving us Millennial Christians an understanding about how God is in charge of History!

God is forming a church that is battle saavy and wise. He is putting His bride into Crossfit training…because she is going to be a kick butt bride… as powerful as she is beautiful. When she speaks nations will tremble.

He will not return for a weak, overweight, bon bon eating couch potato of a wife! He has too much vision to settle for some helpless wench. His bride is a Proverbs 31 woman…and folks, I’m telling you… she is HOT!

God is forming a quiet storm in this desert…and those who wish to be a part of it, can’t be like the spies who entered the promised land complaining about how weak and lowly the church is. Look I’m not trying to be insulting, but a lot of present day Christians have believed the message that the church is going to lose and like the soldiers in World War II they listen to Tokyo Rose (who has been broadcasting for years from pulpits across America… telling the congregations…

“You are beaten…the church is weak…you poor pitiful believers. Throw down your weapons, quit fighting against the inevitable…”Come into town…I love you long time!!!”

It’s time to stop believing that crap! because the bridegroom is coming, and the church is going into the wedding feast in power! It’s time to double down, pray and believe like never before…The Quiet Storm is going to blow into the earth and shake the hell out of the New World Order!

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